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If you are going to CLEAN, why not ...

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We simply love cleaning windows!!!

Window Cleaning brings so much extra day light into your home, for local businesses in Lasalle, Windsor, Amherstburg, Tecumseh & surrouding areas, it can increase staff moral and increase business for many people, by creating a more presentable image for your customers!

So important when eating out at restaurants, and buying food from take away restaurants, many people are put off by the cleanliness or lack of - with just a few extra dollars spent on shop front windows or on office cleaning each week, this extra investment can pay off in more income for local businesses - by paying just a little extra attention.
You will be surprised at how reasonable it is to clean restaurant windows, and your customers WILL appreciate it!

BUYER BEWARE!!! Be extra careful when booking contractors to spray for insects etc, this spray if left, can stain your windows, ending in costly glass restoration work. 

Using water fed poles and hand brushes to clean your siding and exterior of your home, its much safer than power washing, if completed incorrectly power washing can get behind the siding and cause mold, mildew and water damage. Don't risk hiring amateurs to do the job for you. Always make sure your trades people are insured, have experience and know what they are doing. Your home is your biggest investment, look after your siding with an annual house wash, washing your siding will prolong the life of your paintwork, siding and cut down on costly maintenance, whether you use a professional or do it yourself, it is worth the extra time or minimal cost to take care of the look of your home and high maintenance fees if not looked after.
Taking on new clients for window cleaning in our local area of Lasalle, Amherstburg & South Windsor also our extended area of Tecumseh, Essex and Windsor, give us a call today - you will be amazed at our prices! "We won't charge you the earth, we just make it cleaner!" Tel 519 792 0173

Did you know that vinegar can act not only as a natural safe cleaner, it is environmentally friendly, as well as biodegradeable, you can also use it mixed with water as a insect repellant, safe on skin, as well as tasting great on good old fashioned fish and chips!! 

Also can be used mixed with lemon as a natural descaler!! Great for kettles and descaling dishwashers and other things around the home

Tip of the month - Cleaning your windows not only brings in more day light into your home, however cleaning your windows once every 3-6 months will save on maintenance and labourious glass restoration work, or glass replacement - for very reasonable cost to clean your windows, or even if you clean them yourself, every few months, can save tonnes of money in glass replacement - just from a little bit of hard work! If you dont want to do this yourself, or simply dont like ladders, it costs less than you think!

Keep the water out, and the bugs away - with clear gutters - clearing your gutters every 6 months, can save on costly repairs, from water damage or even flooding, dont call when its too late, it costs less than you think!

Do you get headaches when cleaning the house? Try the chemical free way and feel the difference, using natural alternatives make so much sense, costs a lot less, and is good for you, your family, your pets, and the environment!!! Some chemicals are quite harsh, and if used incorrectly can be bad for your health, our company is trained in WHMIS as YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY!
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