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House Washing

House washing and vinyl siding cleaning covering our local area of Lasalle, Amherstburg, & South Windsor as well as extended areas of Tecumseh, Essex & Windsor areas.
We use the best equipment and cleaning products available for your house washing needs.

We use soft bristle brushes, for  your vinyl siding cleaning and the best methods for house washing to make the outside of your home looks its very best.

Your home is a valuable asset and keeping it bright clean and fresh adds value and saves you money on costly maintenance, with a yearly house washing or vinyl siding cleaning you are protecting your investment.

The effects of pollutants in the atmosphere, over time, ranging from motor vehicle exhausts fumes, to brake dust, air craft emissions, soot from fires, sea salt breaking down your paint work, and every day dusts, conspiring together to ruin the look of your beautiful home. Our house washing eliminates all these pollutants, our customers have stated "the house looks like new again" check out our testimonials page

Our house washing system is a soft wash system, and will not damage your home exterior, when we do the vinyl siding cleaning, we soft wash all areas from your gutters down to the ground. This includes the exterior of the gutters, the soffits, the siding and the exterior windows.

We can clean all types of homes and building surfaces, which in turn will extend the paint life span by years.

Keep your home looking clean and fresh, with our house washing package, cleaning siding will save you time and money, and well worth the investment.

Give the "Clean Fantastic" Team a call today, to experience the difference we make. We are the house washing specialists, covering our local area of Lasalle, Amherstburg & South Windsor as well as extended areas of Tecumseh, Essex and Windsor - Tel 519 792 0173
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